See Darly Hardy-built Homearama home at The Hamlet in Norton Commons

When it comes to property, everyone knows it’s all about location, location, location. That’s why when Daryl Hardy of Hardy Builders, LLC selected his space for the 2022 Homearama Tour, he chose the one at 11409 River Beauty Loop.

“I specifically picked a corner lot,” he told The Courier Journal, explaining that the space allowed him to create a striking, unique exterior that would set it apart from other homes in The Hamlet, the Oldham County section of Norton Commons.

“As you approach (the house) coming from what will be the (main) entrance,” Hardy explained, “(you’ll see) the design and architecture, with the gables and the courtyard and the sunroom with all the glass. (It’s) quite attractive and really eye-catching.”

Setting standards

The great room in a Daryl Hardy built Homerama house at Norton Commons. Sept. 15, 2022

Hardy says creating a stunning exterior was just one of his goals with this house.

“I (also) wanted to go back a little bit — historically — and have a very large dining (room) in the front with a living area, and have the kitchen separated,” he said, explaining that nowadays, it’s common to walk through a front door directly into an open-concept kitchen and living room space.