North Topsail tiny beach house

Anyone who has driven the stretch of stilted vacation homes along New River Inlet Road has most likely noticed one that stands out – not because it’s grand in stature or painted some willy nilly color. This house is tiny.

The story on the little blue wonder rewinds back to November 2019 when Weston Lyall drove his wife, Amanda, to North Topsail Beach after dark on her birthday. By the illumination of headlamps they were wearing, Amanda saw an empty lot covered in weeds up to their hips with a for sale sign that said ‘pending.’

“That’s how he told me we were building a beach house,” said Amanda.

Weston’s real estate agent friend had quietly been searching for the ideal piece of property in the background when news broke that would leave some landowners on the island in a pickle to either sell or build before getting stuck with land they couldn’t develop.