Nan Inc. – Delivering Quality Construction Services for Three Decades

Construction is one of the most important industries and is one that poses a lot of challenges. Many companies are established, but not all of them are able to survive. One company that not only managed to survive despite all odds and flourish is Nan Inc. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, the company has defied all odds by becoming a massive success in a very short period of time, considering the industry. It was established in 1990, which means that it has only been operational for three decades. This is not very long for a construction firm to have managed to make the list of the top 10 companies in Hawaii.

In order to truly understand how the company managed to achieve this big feat, you will have to learn more about Nan Inc. founder Patrick Shin. The company couldn’t have become such a household name, if it wasn’t for the unrelenting determination and hard work of its founder. The man was born in South Korea and was given the name Nan Chul Shin. He had always wanted to move to the US and he managed to do exactly that. Finances were tough, so he and his siblings lived in a one-bedroom apartment.

Yet, today Patrick Shin has become a millionaire and this is all because of how he did not back down in the face of obstacles when he started Nan Inc. When he started the company, he had only two years of experience working in a construction firm and virtually no resources. But, he wasn’t discouraged and was ready to handle all challenges that came his way. There was only one employee working for him back then and yet, he managed to expand Nan Inc., which is now the largest general contractor in the state of Hawaii.

Nan Inc. is renowned today for its experience, technical expertise, and quality and considerable resources that have been used for executing some of the most impressive and complex construction projects within Hawaii and in nearby regions. The company has become renowned for its professionalism, which is reflected in its quality of work, management and customer service. It is no wonder that Nan Inc. has completed more than 3,000 construction projects and has handled multiple multimillion dollar projects at the same time, completing them within deadline. They have experience in various industries and have worked in the private and public sector alike to deliver quality construction services.