A Basic Guide to Decorating a Living Room

Every home comes with a living room. How you view your space is up to you! You could treat it as a traditional common area or turn it into a library.

If you want a big, airy living room, you could try painting tricks that give the illusion of larger spaces. Small, cozy living rooms also have a special quality, especially when they’re decorated.

Decorating is a fun, creative challenge. Aesthetic appeal is vital, but so is functionality.

Discover more tips for decorating a living room! ​

Should a Living Room Have a TV?

You likely grew up watching TV in the living room like millions of Americans. TVs are familiar. Like kitchens, memories are made around the TV.

However, the other side of the debate argues that TVs have no place in living rooms. Guests zone out, rather than engage. This point is true in some circumstances; however, living rooms create memories around Super Bowl parties, Olympic Games, and award shows.

The TV doesn’t have to be front and center, either. Hide your television in a TV cabinet!

Wooden TV cabinets are the most popular, but you can find cabinets in sleek metal and glass.

Swivel-style wooden cabinets are great at hiding TVs. They come in cool antique looks too. TV hutches also come with doors that conceal the TV. ​

Where Does the Sofa Go?

Sofas are tricky. If you have a traditional couch with a flat back, placing it right in the middle of the space will look awkward.

Push the largest sofa up against the wall. You can also buy loveseat couches and arrange the sofas in a square. There are also freestanding sofas that create more fluid spaces.  

Now you have a space for your coffee table.

Decorating a Living Room Coffee Table

Brace yourself. There’s an avalanche of coffee table styles out there.

Start with the living room’s theme or style. If the space has a rustic feel, start with wooden coffee tables.

Some coffee table tops are made from natural wood slabs, while others have wooden legs and glass tabletops. Click here for more tips on choosing the perfect coffee table for your space.

Fill Your Living Room With Fresh Plants

Living rooms look and feel better with fresh air and sunlight. Natural sunlight is more inviting, and fresh air improves mood and focus.

What do you do on dull, dreary days?

Keep your living room alive with fresh houseplants!

Houseplants circulate oxygen indoors. Some species even convert indoor air pollution into oxygen.

With so many species, you can find the perfect colors, styles, and plants for your living room. For example, dark green ferns are perfect for living rooms with mahogany panels. Lilies look beautiful in light, airy living rooms.

Create Your Dream Living Room

Do you want to enjoy your living room again?

Create your dream space!

Remember these tips as you choose your TV cabinets, sofa arrangement, coffee tables, houseplants, and decor.

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