10 modern living room furniture ideas to help you choose the best designs, colors and layouts

As the name suggests, our living rooms are where we do the majority of our, well… living. And as a result, our living room furniture is what we doing the majority of our living on. Sofas, coffee tables, rugs; they are some of the most hard-working pieces in our homes, and for that reason picking modern living room furniture that’s comfortable, practical, and of course stylish is so important. So we’ve pulled together a practical guide and inspiring gallery of ideas that will help you design and fill a modern living room with pieces that work perfectly for you and your lifestyle.

1. Start with the sofa

Rustic white living room with white sofa and gallery wall

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

So if you are starting completely from scratch, the best place to start when buying modern living room furniture is with the sofa. It’s likely to be the largest and most used piece in the room, so getting it right is key.